RUMOR: ‘X-Men: Supernova’ Might Be Real and Shooting In Montreal This May Too

Jan 11, 2017


There was a second X-Men production reportedly happening according to Production Weekly but the outlet originally had X-Men: Supernova listed as X-Men: The New Mutants aka X-Men Supernova leading us to believe the productions got mixed up or they had false information.

UPDATE: We’ve reached out to a couple of friends that would be able to clear things up and heard back that while it sounds like a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse is indeed happening,  X-Men: Supernova is not it’s title. 

It’s looking like the two projects are more than likely shooting at the same time.

A second production source is claiming that not only is X-Men: Supernova a thing, it’s adding that it could be shooting in Montreal this May possibly alongside Josh Boone‘s New Mutants which begins filming mid-April/May in Montreal as well.

Supernova would most likely lineup with some quotes from the original story from Le Journal de Montreal concerning the seventh X-Men film shooting at the Montreal studio facility.

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The mutants of X-Men arrive in Montreal for a third time after turning the last two X-Men in the metropolis, the Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox has again chosen Montreal to shoot the next film in the popular saga.

This seventh film in the series X-Men, whose title has not yet been selected, will be shot in Montreal in the spring of 2017. A production office has already opened its doors yesterday in the MELS Studios. The construction of the sets of the film will begin in January.

“They will start shooting in May and they will occupy Studios 2 and 3 of MELS for several months,” says the president of MELS, Michel Trudel.

X-Men producer Todd Hallowell confirmed the Montreal shoot.

“MELS is one of the best film studios in the world, with an understanding of the needs of this kind of filming. Michel Trudel and his team are the kind of partners we want to work with. We are delighted at Fox to return for a third time in Montreal to shoot the next X-Men , “said Mr. Hallowell in a message to the media.

Although, the strange thing is that we haven’t learned who the screenwriters are or even the director will be on Supernova. This main element has us concerned this might only be a rumor at this point, as Fox isn’t exactly known to quietly make films without releasing a dozen press releases with the help of trades.

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One of our theories is that Josh Boone could be undertaking both New Mutants and Supernova, but that’s only because the latter production seemingly is without a director. It would be cost effective for 20th Century Fox to shoot two X-Men films at the same time but we need more information from Fox’s side first.

In our minds, this is still only a rumor until Fox admits that this project even exists.


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