RUMOR: ‘X-Men’ Universe Getting Reboot After ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘Wolverine 3’

Apr 28, 2015



Former Latino Review scooper El Mayimbe is about to start-up his own film news website, but has a new tidbit before the site’s launch. Revealing a rumor that Fox is looking to reboot Bryan Singer‘s X-Men Universe after the releases of X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3, ending the era which was started back in 2000.

X-Men: First Class was a soft-reboot of sorts but didn’t throw-out the canon just altered certain aspects and then X-Men: Days of Future Past combined the two franchises cementing their connection. It’s starting to sound like X-Men: Apocalypse could be the final film for a lot of the First Class era actors ending their contracts and Hugh Jackman has confirmed Wolverine 3 is his final outing as Logan. I’m only slightly confused by this news because of the new actors being cast in major legacy roles for Apocalypse, what this “reboot” looks like is really unknown and remember it’s only a rumor at the moment.

A Wolverine solo reboot is super likely because it’s a profitable franchise and Logan is most recognizable mutant heroes and  I’ve already talked about how Fox should pursue a WWII origin film. Rebooting Wolverine makes sense with Jackman’s exit and the rest of the franchise could go as well, but this might effect other X-Men projects.

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We don’t know how this would factor into Deadpool and Gambit, since there’s an expectation those films would get sequels after this supposed reboot. There’s an untitled X-Men release date slated for July 2018, but Fox hasn’t announced what that movie is. Fans have assumed it could be a crossover with Fantastic Four which seems unlikely since it’s being suggested that Fox is looking to reboot the X-Men franchise entirely that date could be used for first installment.

The new era could include X-Force and New Mutants which I have suggested is a very likely avenue for Fox to move the franchise forward with an entire new mutant lineup and setting. Deadpool is seemingly the first step to getting the X-Force movie made.

Rebooting the franchise entirely might be a good way to rebuild the canon, but without knowing who would spearhead this world-building task it’s hard to know for sure. Writer and producer Simon Kinberg might be mastermind behind this new universe, but it’s possible Lucasfilm might pull him away to work on the Star Wars Anthology films full-time.

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Another possible reason for this reboot could allow a less messy way to have the X-Men franchise crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producers Lauren Shuler Donner, Hugh Jackman, and Simon Kinberg have talked about a desire for the characters to become apart of the Avengers films. After seeing how Sony has made a deal with Marvel to incorporate a rebooted Spider-Man into the MCU, it’s not hard to imagine a deal could eventually be made with 20th Century Fox. Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 is coming out in 2018 the same year of this untitled X-Men film, a perfect venue for a crossover.

X-Men: Apocalypse is coming next May and Wolverine 3 is expected for March 2017.


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