“Rupee Plummets Against Dollar: Tether Concerns Heighten Stability Fears”

Jun 20, 2024

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Indian Rupee Against Dollar and Tether Catastrophe


The Indian rupee is set to trade between Rs 83.25–83.75 against the U.S. dollar, hitting an all-time low due to various economic factors. Meanwhile, Peter Brandt warns of potential issues with Tether, raising concerns about currency stability.


The Indian rupee has reached a record low of 83.6512 against the U.S. dollar, driven by factors such as foreign fund outflows, a strong dollar, and rising crude oil prices. This decline is influenced by political and economic factors impacting the market.

Main Points

David Forrester from Credit Agricole CIB attributes the rupee’s decline to US dollar strength. Despite the depreciation, experts predict the Indian rupee will trade within the range of Rs 83.25–83.75 in the upcoming period, with RBI interventions expected to stabilize volatility. The rupee remains one of the top-performing currencies in Asia.

In the realm of cryptocurrency, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman states that cryptocurrency assets cannot be considered currencies due to lack of regulation. The country is exploring the development of a digital currency issued by the RBI. Market expert Peter Brandt raises concerns about the stability of Tether, impacting traditional and digital currencies.


As the Indian rupee faces challenges against the dollar, and discussions around cryptocurrency regulations continue, the market remains dynamic and influenced by various global factors. Stay informed about developments in currency markets and the evolving landscape of digital assets.