Russo Bros Directing AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR; Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely In-Talks To Write

Mar 23, 2015


We’ve been convinced for months that it was a given that The Russo Brothers had the directing gig on Avengers: Infinity War once Joss Whedon started giving the impression he was done with the Avengers franchise. Not to mention how successful The Russos have been with Captain America: The Winter Solider and the amount of anticipation for Captain America: Civil War.

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Badass Digest is confirming that the directing siblings have indeed signed a deal and an official announcement from Marvel Studios is on the horizon.

BAD’s Devin was the first to mention them for the job back in November.

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Devin also mentions that Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely are being eyed as potential writers for the two-part project. They’ve been script machines and essential writers contributing to the success of the MCU, writing scripts for First Avenger, The Dark World, Winter Solider, Agent Carter, and Civil War.

A few were under the impression that Sony was going to snatch the Russos up for Spider-Man. Funny, since it’s said that Spider-Man‘s first major role as an Avenger will be in Infinity War. Having his first MCU appearance in Civil War, with the scale of his role yet to be determined.

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It’s hard not to see Marvel’s thinking, as the workload is shared between two people and gives Joss Whedon a well deserved break. Joe and Anthony are perfectly capable of handling an even larger cast, which I’m sure might have been questionable for Joss.

It’s sort of unknown where Marvel Studios wants to go with Phase Four, but Infinity War will get us to that point and there is a lot of excitement to discover what that will eventually look like.

Infinity War Part 1 comes out on May 4th, 2018 and Infinity War Part 2 is out on May 3rd, 2019.


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