Saga #49 Review

Mar 1, 2018


Saga #49
Image Comics

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Letterer + Design: Fonografiks
Release date: 2/28/18    

Saga #49 is here to give us what we continue to love about the series. Love is also the theme I feel is fitting for this issue, both in the emotional and physical manner. Ianthe continues to track down Marko and his family while still holding Billy (The Will) as a slave. Billy seems to not care for his life anymore, given all that he’s gone through and put himself through it’s understandable. Ianthe still has revenge on her mind but I’m sure there will be something bigger than just that once she catches up to all the runaways. The relationship between Prince Robot and Petrichor gets explored a little bit more here and I love how these two interact with each other. All the conversations Prince Robot shared with his deceased wife never felt all that real to me, just said what he said due to his position. With Petrichor, it feels like there are flames burning between the two and I’m looking forward to see how far they will take the relationship.

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Marko and Alana have a great discussion with Doff and Upsher regarding their story being published and have quite the offer handed to them. If they were to agree, some big changes would be given to them but their response and reasoning was so heartwarming as how they think about their daughter Hazel and how these changes could effect her mind. Later on we see Prince Robot approach Doff and Upsher and gives them an offer for something in return. Now one of the best things about this part to me was the layout. He shows them a recorded flashback and the way the panel work is done here is so simple and great all at the same time. It brings quite the revelation to the story for the people that exist in this universe so I won’t be surprised if it get’s shared out soon to everyone else.

Everyone in this issue is doing something out of love. Whether they’re hurt or being thoughtful to someone else, you feel how genuine everyone is in the issue. The way relationships have been built in this series has definitely been one of its high points and you can very quickly become attached to them. Saga offers so much with adventure and love and it never falls short. If you need a series that continues to offer surprises and fun, then you’ve found it here.

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