Sam Johnson’s Voodoo REviewed “Cabra Cini Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman: Voodoo Trespeass”

Jan 13, 2015

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CabraDNYCoverCabra Cini Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman: Voodoo Trespass
Actuality Press/Sam Johnson Comics

Writer: Sam Johnson
Artist and Letterer: Bruno Letizia
Color Art: Rodrigo Diaz

Though there weren’t many pages in this viewing of Cabra Cini, there was enough to issue an examination and judgment. The basics of the story are well captioned and narrated in the first couple of pages, where we learn that a former junkie and lady of the night found strength and freedom in the dark arts of voodoo. I am really intrigued by the world and supernatural locations of this comic, even from just a short viewing. The whole premise of voodoo being the saving grace for this woman is different. The use of the dark and unknown kept me turning the pages to find out more boundaries and tiers to the powers of Cabra Cini and the mysterious nature she taps into.

CabraCiniDNYPreviewPage2There were two key elements to the art, red and shadows. In a comic about dark magic and other worldly doorways, the use of shadows and darkness was an obvious choice to cement the idea that this is a less than friendly shortcut through Limbo. The other part of this comic that I found refreshing was the panel borders. They were not just black borders or simple boundaries, they were blood red skulls stacked up to frame the story and art with fitting imagery.

The first lesson we are taught about Cabra’s voodoo tricks, includes a shortcut through Limbo, the waiting place between Heaven and Hell. Each trip through Limbo is tougher and tougher, but Cabra has some skills of her own to combat the guardian and ruler of Limbo named Rook. Through the next few pages, Rook uses illusions and Cabra’s inner turmoil to try and defeat her. This issue doesn’t have the full backstory of Cabra or her personality, but I felt like I knew the type of person she is just from the way she hold herself up; the will to stay strong in an abusive relationship, the heart to better herself by giving up crack, and how she is not fazed by Rooks attempts to stop the trespassers in his realm.

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman – Dark New Year is Out Now, and available free at