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Jan 25, 2021


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Now, I don’t normally review audio equipment, although I have in the past. You see I just listen to podcast and talk on the phone. That’s my only need for earbuds, but I just upgraded from the Galaxy Buds. Plus I skip the live and here I am now with the Galaxy Buds Pro, so I’m going to tell you about my experience with these last couple of days and why. I’m really happy about. 

I didn’t pay the full $200 because I traded in my Galaxy Buds and I get an education discount because I’m in education, so as a result I paid 125 to move up to these and I’m really really happy about it. So what we’ll talk about that? I’m going to show you how the app works with Galaxy wearables and all the things you can do with these earbuds and of course will take. 

And much closer, look at the buds and hopefully this is informative for you. So buckle up here we go here they are, the Galaxy Buds prosound by AKG. 

Be the cool thing about this is that Samsung brought back the two way speaker system. It has advanced noise canceling, you know, compared to prior Galaxy Buds, earbuds very reference the Galaxy Buds. Plus that I used to use had no active noise canceling whatsoever and required those earbuds where they call the wing tips to really do some type of passive noise cancelling didn’t work very well. 

It’s also ipx. 7 water resistance, which means you can actually swim or take a shower with them, and I’m not going to recommend you swim in them. But hey, you could take a shower with them that it hasn’t damaged my earbuds at all. 

So let’s take a look. Crack this thing open it’s it’s a really strong case. You see the buds don’t fall out too easily. I’m going to go ahead and rotate this further all the way around. 

It’s actually the first time I tested that. That’s pretty cool. OK, so the magnets are pretty strong, and now here’s what the buds look like when you take them out. 

So as you can see, it doesn’t have the rubber wingtip to go around, but it does have a wingtip type layout, so it’s it’s part of the plastic that this is may. 

Right out of the. 

Capacitive touch on the side of each one does some stuff. I’ll show you that in a moment. In the app I have mine tuned to adjust the volume because that’s the most important thing to me. Now I don’t know if maybe I was doing something wrong with my buds plus, but the first thing that I tested when I was on a phone call with a friend with these buds is if I could adjust the volume. 


Phone call that might sound odd, but with the Galaxy Buds plus whenever I tried to adjust the volume while on a call, it would actually just beep and nothing would happen and sometimes it would disconnect the call, ’cause it would interpret my hope. My press and hold as a double press these however. Oh, and for reference, I had two Galaxy Buds plus, so I thought maybe mine was defective. 

It’s same thing with both of them. Now with these I don’t have that problem at all. So first thing I tested and it worked just fine. This case does wirelessly charge if you want to do that, and it also charges over USB C for fast charging. So that’s the case. Now the buds are excess. 


They fit very well. I tend to think I have weird ears because throughout my entire life I’ve struggled to find ear buds that I love, but these have been awesome so they fit really well. I didn’t even have to adjust the little rubber thing out. They called that, but perfectly in my ears and its shape quite well. I think they look really good too. I love the look of these. This is the Black 1 midnight black this come a couple of other colors and there’s a bronze Anna. 

Silver, or maybe it’s a Mercury Dwight type color. Now as far as play time, battery life, it’s rated for 8. 

Hours and 4 1/2 hours if you’re using the active noise cancelling at full capacity, the case will give you an additional 8 1/2’s, nine half hour or something like that. And then yeah, if you’re not using those canceling 8 hours for the year with each earbud and then a total of 28 hours if you charge them back with the case. So let’s take a look at the Galaxy wearables app and how the whole thing functions. 

Now I’m inside the Galaxy wearables app on my Galaxy Z fold two. I have not turned on SmartThings, but you are welcome to turn that on and that will allow you to find your earbuds if you lose. 

Then the noise cancelling I have set to on you can turn it off, or you can go into ambient sound mode for active noise cancelling they have on the high setting I typically am around a charger often enough that I’m not worried about during the battery life quickly, and I like that noise cancelling. There’s no reason that I upgraded. There’s a voice to text, so you can do some type of additional noise cancelling I, but. 

Leave and block touches. This is for increased or decreased sensitivity. Rather now this is the fun part for controlling the left and the right earbud. You have additional controls so you can control noise cancelling. You can activate voice commands using your preferred assistant. I’m using the volume up and down to me. 

This is super important as an often trying to regulate sound you know with all the things that I do while I’m on the phone, I tend to run errands to be honest and for the equalize. 

Good, I’m going to switch it to clear now that I notice this is here, but you can adjust your settings. You know, based on what you prefer. Okey dokey so you can turn on reading your notifications aloud. I’m going to turn off a couple that I just don’t care for. Definitely don’t really want any of these, OK? 


What else do we have? Some advanced options for Bixby? I do have the seamless earbud connection on. I don’t have hearing enhancements turned on, so with the Samsung Labs this is sort of like, you know, additional services that are kind of in beta potentially. I don’t have any Westerner really play games on my phone. 

And find my ear buds. As I mentioned, I didn’t have it on right now. I’ll consider turning that on after I get off this video. 

And yeah, yeah, if you. 

Want to reset it? You can do that if you need to do a software update you can check it out there. There’s a user manual and then you can get some additional information about your earbuds, which is super duper. 

So, so I’m a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy app. I feel like that provides wearable app. I feel like it’s really easy to use. There’s some good settings in here. It’s not overwhelming and overall Samsung did a great job with these man. They will get OK. So now I’m going to show you what they look like and what they sound like. 

Using my camera app. 

Now this is what the Galaxy Buds Pro will look like if you have sideburns an also in figures, but more importantly, this is what they sound like now. For me, the problems I’ve had with the Galaxy Buds plus an like the Jabra 65. 


Is that the background noise such as you know, tapping? 


Or managing, you know, some you may be taking out the trash or something, or doing the dishes. Was piercingly loud for people on the other end, and I know that for myself because a friend of mine had the 65T elite and it had the same problem. So these have been better. I’m not getting the same types of complaints. 

And I think they look pretty solid, so. 

So another reason why I’m happy about them. 


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