Save Canada in “We Stand on Guard #6” (Review)

Dec 9, 2015


WeStandonGuard_06-1_362_557_s_c1We Stand On Guard #6
Image Comics

Written by: Brian K Vaughn
Art by: Steven Skroce
Color by: Matt Hollingsworth

We Stand on Guard has been one intense issue after another. Each one inching us closer to this inevitable conclusion. Canada’s moment to turn the tides in the great war against America has finally arrived and as a born and bred American I have never found myself routing harder for Canada. In one last desperate attempt Amber and her band of Canadian rebels use everything at their disposal to try and change the course of the war forever. Amber stands with her hand on the trigger (literally) as we anxiously await to see if she pulls it, while “The American” tries to convince her otherwise. As these two debate the merits of war and try to destroy each other, the Canadian rebels are broadcasting their incursion for all to see.

Vaughn builds the tension perfectly as Amber and the American stand toe to toe. Issue 6 continues to do what every issue has done before it and that’s entice the reader with edge of your seat action and suspense. No matter your country of origin, Vaughn masterfully tells the Canadian story so you sympathize without question. Even when “The American” does all she can to convince you and Amber otherwise, you dismiss it almost as fast and viciously has she does. It is impossible not  to sympathize with Amber and her story and Vaughn ends it in the most satisfying fashion.

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We Stand on Guard #6 is about as beautiful as a comic can get. Steven Skroce’s art is perfectly rendered and full of life bringing the action, blood and horrific atrocities of war front and center and impossible to avoid. Skroce’s clear and concise pencil work explodes off the page with the addition of Matt Hollingsworth’s colors. In the final climatic scene these two work in wonderful harmony to create a disaster-piece that is a visual feast of orange, yellow and white.

We Stand on Guard #6 serves as a satisfying ending to a wonderfully unique revenge story. Vaughn does such a great job at making you feel for the characters and their cause, that by the final page of this issue you will standing at full attention, with a single tear running down you cheek, proudly signing “O Canada.”

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