Say It Isn’t So! Could Fox Be Considering A ‘DIE HARD’ Reboot?

Feb 21, 2015


A new rumor is apparently making the rounds that 20th Century Fox is considering a reboot of Die Hard. Ain’t It Cool News and The Wrap have both heard the unconfirmed rumor. It’s a bit odd they’d even ponder this idea but stranger things have happened over at Fox. Again, this is just something that’s hitting the rumormill and isn’t confirmed by a longshot.

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Last we heard the sixth installment would have the franchise coming full-circle as it would be taking cues from previous successful installments. Rumored plot-points included the Nakatomi Company would be honoring the heroics of John McClane in Japan on the 20th anniversary of the hostage crisis at Nakatomi Plaza in L.A. during the 80’s.

The baddies may or may not be another group of international terrorists, possibly a member of the Gruber family out for revenge. There was even talk of Samuel L. Jackson‘s Zeus returning as the secondary lead of the film.

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On the other side of the coin, Bruce Willis has been gathering a rather terrible reputation on set. His quibbles behind the scenes with Sly Stallone led to Bruce being recast with Harrison Ford in Expendables 3. Director Kevin Smith also has had some interesting stories about how terrible it was to work with Bruce on Cop Out.

Willis has also been out of the studio spotlight doing a lot of home video and video on demand features over the past couple of years which isn’t a good sign when you need your lead to attract audiences.

While I loved Looper, other features he’s been apart of including A Good Day To Die Hard have felt like he was putting zero energy or effort into his performances.

Even crazier is that the Fox allowed Willis to hand-pick the director (Max Payne‘s John Moore) and Jai Courtney who would play his son in the film. You might be shocked to learn Fox passed on director candidates like Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) , Justin Lin (Star Trek 3, Fast 6) and Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive).

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This move seemingly backfired as the movie would bomb domestically earning $67M compared to the previous film which made $134M stateside. However, it did end-up adding around $237M internationally which might have covered production and marketing costs.

Bad for a studio action film but not terrible enough to reboot the franchise, this sounds like one of the odder rumors we’ve heard in a while. Willis is still in fighting shape, I just had hoped Fox would wait to get a solid script together and hire a worthwhile action director not the one they could afford.

Let’s face it, someone like The Guest‘s Adam Wingard would make a great directing candidate for Die Hard 6.


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