Scales and Scoundrels #10 Review

Jun 5, 2018


Scales and Scoundrels #10
Image Comics

Words By: Sebastian Girner
Art By: Galaad
Letters: Jeff Powell
Release: June 6th, 2018

This issue reveals what happened to Luvander and why she has been traveling the world in a human form. This story arc, her mini adventures dealing with different groups of people has been leading up to this moment. Each adventure has shown more of her character and the type of Urden she is.

This issue is also important because Sebastian and Galaad finally reveal who the Urden are and what their purpose in the world is. The revelation displays what sets them apart from everyone else, because their goals are vastly different and there is so much more significance to them. Especially when compared to the elves and mermaids encountered in previous issues.

Galaad once again nails the art in this issue. The use of color for each Urden is unique along with how he designs them. The color scheme used for Lord Gmarash shows his unique personality and helps differentiate between him and the other Urdens.

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Sebastian’s flow in this issue is fluid. The pages are easy to follow and you can feel the emotions from the characters in conjunction with Galaad’s art. This issue is perfectly mixed with both writing and art, especially compared to the last issue when the art was the primary driving force for the story.

Scales and Scoundrels #10 was necessary to help progress the story and provides the readers the purpose of Luvander’s journey.

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