Scales and Scoundrels #8 Review

Apr 4, 2018

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Scales and Scoundrels # 8
Image Comics

Words by: Sebastian Girner
Art by: Galaad

Scales and Scoundrels issue #8 picks up with Luvander continuing on her travels in search of answers to the Prince Aki riddle. Lu starts encountering different travelers on the road and realizes petty human conflicts for what it truly is.

This issue helps push Luvander’s journey by introducing the elves who share a history with the Urden. The elves shares the history of the Urden with a forgotten fable. They help Lu understand her choices and to forge a path that is expected for the Urden.

Galaad’s art once again helps illustrate the story that is set up by Sebastian. The art has continually evolved with each issue and you can see the risks being taken by introducing a new race to the story, complementing it without it being bogged down.

The major flaw of this issue is that it introduces another legendary fable that is supposed to help Lu figure out who she is. Dragon’s Maw showed us the reason why she still stays in her human form but with the new fable of the Urden, it feels like another journey with another group is about to begin.

Scales & Scoundrels #8 is a solid entry into the journey of Luvander. It helps set up her conflictions with both the legendary creature and the human race with their respective views of the world and their place in it.