Scribe David Koepp Updates ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ and the Ever Growing ‘Universal Monster Cinematic Universe’

Oct 26, 2016


The Universal Monster Cinematic Universe is seemingly eager to take flight. Disregarding 2014’s underrated and redacted Dracula Untold the universe will begin with next years remake of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. As well as future films Van Helsing, The Invisible Man, The Wolfman and Creature from the Black Lagoon. One of the last films on the slate of films includes The Bride of Frankenstein.

With collective of writers being recently assigned for each film. The scribe to pick the lucky straw and get the monster mash love story gem that is The Bride of Frankenstein was none other than David Koepp screen writer of Jurassic Park andavid-koepped Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Unsure of when it would get its production go ahead Koepp stated:

“Yes, I wrote a draft of that seems to have gone over very well, and I think they’re figuring out their whole universe and when it will go. They got a few they’ve got to work on.”

Filling in the rest of the Universal Monster universe is a daunting task especially in attempt to do justice to their classic black and white counter parts. Koepp’s take on the film is to put the Bride directly as one of the main core characters for the greater length of the film as she was only in the final scenes in the original. The story centralizing around Dr. Frankenstein being black mailed by a fellow scientist Dr. Pretorius and his angry creation that demand him to assist in making his monster a mate the film was entirely male driven.

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Koepp’s take is about liberation female independence in regards to his new script saying.

“I loved it. It’s one of my favorite scripts I’ve written in years because if you re-imagine the Frankenstein story, it gets into so many issues of men trying to feel dominant over women. To create someone who then says, “You don’t own me,” it becomes a tale of liberation. It was great. It was really fun, and I hope it gets going soon because I think it’d make for a great movie.”

Being a self aware autonomous being of conscious thought. She is on a different level of rebellious freedom in comparison to the more primitive creature of Frankenstein’s first creation . bride-of-frankenstien-head-shot

“She’s not a zombie. She’s a super-intelligent creature, but she’s dead, and that changes a person’s perspective..”

said Koepp giving a greater deal of narrative freedom to the plot and with this in mind I have high hopes for this film when it finally makes itself into cinematic fruition.

Unsure of whether it will be a stand alone film that introduces its characters or a sequel Koeppe is confident in it being either or saying.

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“You get some of both, and I think they’re figuring that out as they go. I was in touch with the other people who were making Mummy and in touch with Universal and getting a sense of what they’re doing, because they can’t be wholly different movies, but each one is characterized by the personality of its creature. So the stories are dictated by the creature. In ours, the Bride is essentially a sympathetic figure. This tragic, hunted figure. And obviously the Mummy is a very bad entity that must be stopped. That’s not us. The troublemakers are the ones who would try to control her. To answer your question, we’re all from the same tree, but different kinds of fruit.”

Angelina Jolie was once rumored to star in the film along as possibly direct but thing’s have gone quite on her acting future after her split from Brad Pitt.

The Bride of Frankenstein has yet to be confirmed on the Universal film slate alongside whether their will be a Frankenstein film prior to its release. While the Mummy has a set release date of June 9, 2017.

:: SOURCE :: - Collider

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