SDCC17: Olivia Munn Hints At Psylocke’s Return For ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Jul 22, 2017

Olivia Munn didn’t get much of a chance to show-off Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse and we suspected that she would be returning for X-Men: Dark Phoenix (which she teased on social media). Now, it looks like she’s further hinting that it could be happening.

While speaking with MTV at Comic-Con she was asked if she would be reprising Psylocke in Dark Phoenix, playing coy stated the text she got about what she should be saying. Which was “be vague”, suggesting she’s involved but can’t actually confirm or deny. Usually a denial is simple and blunt, but this suggests that she might actually be in the film.

“I was asked what I can say, and I can’t remember. I’m supposed to say things,” she told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz. “I’ll just repeat to you what was said to me in the text. It was: ‘be vague.'”

Typically, if an actor is told to “be vague” about his or her involvement in a film, there’s a pretty good chance that actor is in the movie. “That is a great assumption,” Munn said, vaguely, of her rumored reprise in Dark Phoenix, “but I’m being vague.”

Why do we think Munn is back?

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Earlier in the month, Olivia posted video and images of her visit to Montreal and hanging out with her trainer/stunt-double (pictured above from a X-Men: Apocalypse training session) one image looked like a Pyslocke training session. X-Men Dark Phoenix just happened to be beginning prep in Montreal when she was there. She’ll be working on the series Six over the summer in Vancouver, but nothing says he won’t fly back to Montreal to shoot something for Dark Phoenix.

Dark Phoenix will shoot in Montreal until the fall with a November 2nd, 2018 release date.


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