SDCC18: Riz Ahmed’s Villain Carlton Drake Becomes Symbiote Riot In ‘Venom’

Jul 20, 2018

It was revealed at Sony’s Venom panel that Riz Ahmed’s Doctor Carlton Drake will be getting a symbiote himself in the film as he’ll become Riot, one of the five Life Foundation symbiotes that terrorize Venom and Spider-Man in the comics.

There is a good chance the other four including Scream might be showing up in the film as well, because why not?

The trailer shows a truck with seemingly multiple symbiotes opened by Riz, at least two are shown but there could be more. They played a key role in the comic story Separation Anxiety.

Carnage is said to be setup at the very end of the film and is barely in the movie, so I think we’re going to see threats a little larger than just regular mercenaries here. I don’t see why they wouldn’t use all of them as canon-fodder since they’re not terribly popular and could killed-off.




Venom is set for release on October 5th, 2018.



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