Seven Sons #1: Image Comics Review

Jun 15, 2022

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I’ll tell you what, Seven Sons #1 has quite the cover. Definitely intrigued me, but it was also a bit jarring. Jae Lee’s design for the story’s title characters is very unsettling. As you read the series-opening issue, you quickly realize that’s unique to those characters. It’s not at all representative of the rest of his artwork, which is great for the story. Between their soft complexions and their eyes, they feel like porcelain dolls come to life. But they are the exception.

Images Comics
Written by: Kevin Windom & Kelvin Mao
Art by: Jae Lee
Colors by: June Chung
Letters by: Simon Bowland

The rest of humanity in this ‘90s dystopian-like world is dark and gritty. As much as Lee and Chugn do detailed work on the other people, the distinction between them and the seven sons allows the latter to really pop. Also, it makes it very easy to question every single character involved in this story — especially those who stand out above the rest

For those who enjoyed Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus from Vertigo a few years back, both the art and story seem like something you’ll appreciate. It has a similar subject matter, and there’s definitely a similar anxiousness with the people in this world. Religion has a way of bringing that out in everyone.

Very strong start to a series that I wasn’t sure about going in. Well-written from start to finish, and the ending gives you a little extra push going into the second issue.

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