Seven to Eternity #14 (Review)



Rather than play a game of catch up, I chose to read Seven to Eternity # 14 as an uninitiated.  This isn’t something I would normally do.  Thankfully the creators have made a very accessible comic for new readers.  Interestingly enough this issue also deals with choices.  The previous choices made by “hero” Adam Osidis and the choice at the issues ending.  One that very well appears to seal Adam’s fate.  Seven to Eternity # 14 acknowledges that Frost’s poem holds true.

The collaborators have provided two of the most compact but impactful recaps I have ever read.  The first is a summation of all the events that have taken place.  This is the kind of recap you’d usually find and normally it would be enough.  However, these collaborators deliver another powerful recap.  This one, written by Adam Osidis himself, delivers an emotional punctuation of the previous events.  Before I even set eyes on him, I can sense this is a man tormented.  

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From this point the art of Opena and Hollingsworth takes over the issue.  This duo presents a beautifully detailed depiction of desolation and despair.  The path that Adam and Garils travel as they seek the Springs of Zhal is a sad landscape.  I was impressed by the powerful colors at work throughout this issue.  As a flashback told by Garils tells the tale of Lady Behemoth, color helps to sell the narrative.  Her theft of other beings light illustrated by the dull tones on those panels.  This issue is also filled with amazing details that could be almost overlooked.  Moments like when Garils drops his eye into the spring.  The mimicry of real life water movement is mesmerizing.  It is these instances of detail that captivated me.

There is no overlooking that this comic is a complete collaborative effort.  Artwork compliments the dialogue, creating an emotional journey.  The portrayal of Adam and Garils entwined fates was dynamically presented.  The dialogue was never heavy, despite what I noted as some significant philosophizing taking place.  This comic has the capacity to tell it’s story by words or illustrations, a rare occurrence.  

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SCORE: 9.2


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