Shade the Changing Woman #6 Review

Aug 2, 2018


Shade the Changing Women #6
DC Comics

Words by: Cecil Castelucci
Art by: Marley Zarcone
Color by: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters By: Saiba Temofonte

Madness? Check. Not knowing what’s going on? Check. Then that’s another Shade comic for your entertainment. Shade has been one of the craziest comics from the Young Animal imprints which makes it hard to write a review that doesn’t ruin the whole story.

Shade is dealing with the consequence of getting rid of her heart and being betrayed by Rac. She is facing a hard time getting herself together to protect the Earth especially her loved ones from the Cray and Megan. This use of the two enemies helps with keeping madness and confusion present in every panel.

The art by Marley Zarcone helps establish that there is indeed madness everywhere. The style helps to enhance the story and allows you to feel drawn into it. This helps solidify the end of the story arch as we are introduced to a new chapter of madness.

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Shade has kept up the story that we were introduced before the Milk Wars. A new chapter begins as we are drawn further into the many layers that Cecil Castelucci has built throughout the series so far. The biggest downside is that the issue gets bogged down by trying to be too existential. This is evident with how Loma Shade dealt with the issues around her most notably getting her heart together and dealing with the Megan dilemma.

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