Shadow War Omega #1: DC Comics Review

May 30, 2022

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Shadow War was a pretty good event until the last couple of issues. Between the reveal of the big bad and the events of Shadow War Omega, though, it fell flat. Outside of the epilogue, Shadow War Omega #1 didn’t do much to build up the character behind the event’s chaos.

DC Comics
Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Stephen Segova, Mike Henderson, Howard Porter
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Letters by: Troy Peteri

In Shadow War Omega #1, readers learn about the motivations that lead to the catalyst of this event. Perhaps if it was a more interesting character behind all this, then it would’ve been easier to accept the revelations in Shadow War Omega #1. But it just felt like something we’ve gotten before.

The artwork is consistent and the action is good throughout the story. The only real shift in art comes in the epilogue, but that’s done deliberately and works well. And again, the epilogue is the best part of this entire issue.

Now, for loyal Robin readers, there is a major development in this issue, as well. As much as the development with Robin might’ve been one of the driving forces behind this event, it was clear things were heading in this direction for some time.

Shadow War had its moments, but ultimately didn’t turn into the must-read event it had the chance to be. While there will be some ramifications from this event, they feel like summary points that’ll pop up in upcoming issues.

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