Should ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller Return To His ‘Star Wars’ Roots And Make A Standalone?

Jan 30, 2016


The release of Deadpool is only weeks away, and I think a few are curious what director Tim Miller should do next?

I’m sure Fox would love to see Tim return for Deadpool 2, or even offer him another X-Men project like X-Force, but other studios could come knocking. There’s already been plenty of interest in Miller even before Deadpool started shooting.

Miller was attached to direct a live-action feature adaptation based on the Warren Ellis comic book Gravel for Legendary Pictures. He also was asked to be apart of the Heavy Metal remake, which would include segments from a bunch of directors including David Fincher and Zack Snyder. Miller was tapped by Sony Pictures to direct an adaption of the sci-fi novel Seasons.

Tim is still trying to get The Goon movie funded via Kick-Starter, a former David Fincher project.

Of course, most of these other projects were put together while Fox was holding-off on the production of Deadpool, and depending on it’s success Tim could get a wave of offers for other studio pictures.

We’ve seen Lucasfilm hire directors with varying success to tackle their new wave of films. However, unlike a lot of the other directors, Miller has made a plethora of cinematic shorts for the Star Wars games in the past, which could help Lucasfilm court him for a standalone project.

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Miller has well established Star Wars roots via his work on video games Knights of The Old Republic, Knights of The Fallen Empire, and The Force Unleashed. All considered non-canonical now, but could have elements cherry-picked for future projects. There’s no denying that he understands the material and could pull-off some extremely entertaining action sequences.



Lucasfilm head Kathy Kennedy has alluded to the Boba Fett game 1313 was absorbed for the films, a standalone film has been widely reported to focus on the bounty hunter and is said to be the film Josh Trank was working on before his exit. Rumblings have suggested they’re currently hunting down a director for it.

Disney’s Bob Iger has promised recently that they’ll keep rolling out Star Wars films beyond Episode IX, which likely means many more standalone films are coming. We’ve heard rumors pointing to potential anthology films that would focus on The Hutts, Yoda, and even Obi Wan Kenobi. That might be just what they’re considering with established characters, and could developing more films like Rogue One. Instead, looking at new characters within familiar points in the mythology.

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Personally, I’m sort of getting tired of them only focusing on original trilogy characters.

The animated series Rebels is said to only getting a limited amount of seasons, this could mean that team will jump into a time in the universe with a whole new set of characters. Another reason could be they might have a plan to make a live-action film with these characters at some point, the fanbase has been quite vocal to see them make the jump to the big screen. This would make sense as the show is indeed considered canon, and is already been incorporated into existing mythology.

Another way to go is to start developing standalone films with characters from the new trilogy, like The Crimson Corsair, a mysterious space pirate that could easily support a solo film. We’ve also heard a large amount of fans wanting to see them go back to The Old Republic, or even way way into the future. Apparently, Kennedy has been open to pitches for awhile now from writers and directors, this could lead to slightly more original films set in the universe.

Do you think Tim Miller should consider tackling Star Wars or just stick to X-Men films?

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