Shows I Wished Marvel and ABC Made Instead Of The ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Spin-Off

Apr 9, 2015


Marvel and ABC just made it official that they’ll be making a spin-off series to Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., I couldn’t be more disappointed with this news. As I’ve been quite vocal about my distain for AOS over the last couple of years and I’m over getting angry about how lacklustre it is compared to what Kevin Feige did with the wonderful Agent Carter series. Even more so how it’s apparently the platform for our the first introduction to The Inhumans, but of course the show doesn’t have the kind of budget that allows a visual spectacle like that for television.

Granted, AOS has a certain fanbase but I just don’t see why they have to ignore other potential shows. I’ve come up with my own ideas of what other shows Marvel could consider to air on ABC in the future, so we can avoid a second AOS spin-off. Fingers crossed!

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Similar to the Agent Carter prequel series, I wouldn’t mind seeing a mini-series focusing on the origins of Winter Soldier and possible a handful of his history altering missions. Landing Sebastian Stan wouldn’t be too difficult if Kevin Feige got involved again like he did with Carter, and it would sort of fill-in a bunch of gaps which may or may not get filled during Captain America: Civil War. I’m sure Marvel writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus could easily explore his origins a bit deeper than we’ll likely see in Civil War.

I also don’t think it would be a terrible idea to give us new episodes of Agent Carter.

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How about a show taking cues from the cosmic side of the MCU?


The new Howard The Duck comic is apparently winning over readers and made a big impact during his cameo in Guardians of The Galaxy, would it be so terrible to see Seth Green (also the voice of Howard) work the same magic he did for Robot Chicken for a Howard The Duck series?

People have already starting asking Marvel if they’re trying to make another Howard The Duck movie which could happen if the character was made a bit more aware internationally.

I don’t think motion capture or a CGI Howard would be cost-effective, and I’ll be upfront I hated the character design he had in Guardians. They might as well put someone in suit again with the help of Henson Company and get things going with Howard solving mysterious on Earth or off-world as a private-eye. Considering cops shows are at their peak it might be worthwhile to have a little duck dude getting-in on that action.



This next one seems like a total no-brainer but turning Drew Pearce‘s Runaways script into series on ABC sounds like such a smart move to make. I don’t think Marvel has really made anything that has featured teenaged characters and could be hitting a huge demographic audience in a bigger way than subpar shows like Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars have raked-in. Focusing on teen drama and angst which hasn’t been apart of the MCU. That’s until the Marvel Studios produced Spider-Man reboot lands in 2017.

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Drew of course would make an excellent showrunner and has experience with television. We also know that Feige still loves that script and has teased doing something with it in the future. It could totally become the Marvel version of Misfits if they put that kind of effort into it.

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Another project that Marvel has been trying to develop into a feature film is Ka-Zar, it could totally become their Tarzan, Conan, Xena or Hercules series all mixed into one. Granted this could be a project that demands a huge budget but could cut costs by moving production to New Zealand or Hawaii. Considering the Savage Land would likely need to be populated by dinosaurs and other effects heavy creatures, it would need a budget larger than the one currently lined-up for AOS. At least it’s angle of large spectacle could lure a larger audience.

A series I think could it be compared to budget and effects-wise would be Fox’s Terra Nova.


I have some high hopes for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders because Netflix gives a bit more creative freedom and doesn’t have the kinds of budget restrictions due to a lower amount of episodes. It’s the type of partnership I’d wished could be echoed with ABC, sadly that’s not the case.

Would you support any of these shows? Do you have your own ideas what Marvel characters should be given a series on ABC?


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