Sigourney Weaver Says ‘Avatar 2’ Shoots This Fall and Production Update Supports Her

Recently, we learned that James Cameron was aiming to begin filming Avatar 2 in mid-August. An update from returning actress Sigourney Weaver suggests that the shoot might be happening a couple weeks later or a little bit more. As Weaver says a fall production start is expected.

“We’re starting!” the actress excitedly told The Hollywood Reporter at a screening of The Assignment, held Monday night at New York City’s Whitby Hotel. “We’re starting training, and we’re starting — hmm, I probably can’t say anything. We will be actually shooting it by the fall.”

An update from My Entertainment World supports Weaver’s talk of a fall start.

Avatar 2 is without an official release date but the suggestion is that the film might be ready for 2019.


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