Sigourney Weaver Says Louis C.K. Wants To Die Horribly In ‘ALIEN 5’

Feb 19, 2015


We still haven’t heard confirmation if Sigourney Weaver is in fact reprising the role of Ripley in Neill Blomkamp’s recently announced Alien 5. She

However, she did mentioned on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that a famous comedian wants a role in the new film. Weaver told Fallon during a recent conversation with Louis C.K. he briefly told her that he wants to¬†“die horribly” in it.

Check out the interview below.

I could¬†actually seem him in the role of Weyland-Yutani company man not unlike Paul Reiser‘s role as Carter Burke in Aliens. Louis has been apart of Oscar nominated films such as American Hustle so it wouldn’t be that out of place for the comedian to take a part in a larger film.

Would you like to see funny man Louis C.K. die in a horrible fashion in the next Alien film?


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