The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination Review

Aug 15, 2014

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SN 3 (400x640)The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination
by Wilmar Luna

Superheros, imagine never having to find a private place to change into your secret identity. Imagine never having your supersuit riding up under your civilian cloths! Cindy and Jadie the lead characters of The Silver Ninja by Wilmar Luna will never have these problems. Cindy’s husband and best friend has created a super-serum that gives any person who is injected with it super human abilities.

Those infused with the serum gain super strength, awesome weaponry and a super suit that can essentially ooze through the skin; making changing a breeze. The suit also acts as a protective layer with a Heads Up Display much like one our of favorite Avengers.  So what’s the downside to this awesome power? While in the suit its hard to control one’s raw emotions and this gets Cindy into a bit of trouble!

The Silver Ninja is full of advanced technical weapons, biological weapons, villains and plenty of twits and turns to keep you SN 1 (451x640)guessing. The story really picks up when Cindy and Jadie are surprised when a super villain appears whose technology is strikingly similar to their own. This new villains raises more questions and forces our heroines to learn how to defend themselves and fight as a team despite their relationships and how they feel about each other. Luna has created two strong female characters that must learn what they need to sacrifice in order to save the world. It’s a common trope used in the superhero genre but Luna makes it work as I love the interactions between our two lead females as they must come together to defeat their foe and learn their place in the bigger picture.