Singing the Praises of “Black Canary #6” (Review)

Dec 30, 2015


BLKCA-Cv6-ds-811f7Black Canary #6
DC Comics

Written by: Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Annie Wu
Colors by: Lee Loughridge

If you have been reading Brenden Fletcher’s Canary sense day 1 then this is the issue you have been waiting for, if you haven’t now is as good a time as any to start. Black Canary #6 has now become my favorite issue to date. We still don’t get a lot of answers but the story really starts to unfold as Black Canary and BO M collide in what can only be described as the ultimate battle of the bands. The confrontation between front-woman icons Black Canary and Bo Maeve is one for the ages and could possible be the best comic book fight of 2015.4975270-blkca_6_2

The meat of this issue definitely centers around our two bands clashing but Fletcher seamlessly weaves crucial story beats and plot points into the intense and fast paced action while also shocking the reader and setting up for a nice reveal. Watching Black Canary dismantle the members of Bo Maeve one by one was as satisfying to watch as I am sure it was to write and draw. Fletcher does a fantastic job at showing the fuel that fires Dinah’s violence in her need to protect Ditto and her new family. Flecher also does a cool thing and for one page only where he switches the perspective of the narration to a member of the audience. Its a great touch that allows the reader to somewhat have a voice and gives us a different angel of which to perceive this battle.

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Again its Annie Wu’s art and Lee Loughridge’s colors that make this book stand out among the crowd. Don’t get me wrong Fletcher’s writing is perfect for this character and really brings the heart and intensity to the forefront. But the art is just spectacularly conceived and executed. The way Wu brings the music to life is unlike anything I have seen in any other comic. She has this uncanny ability to make sound visual to the point where you can almost hear it. I won’t spoil it here but there are some truly inventive panels that combine music and combat in such a satisfying display.

Black Canary #6 is perfection on every level. Fletcher’s writing is fast paced, action packed but still holds something back, while Wu and Lourhridge’s art will leave you flabbergasted with joy. This series is not to be missed and this issue is another perfect example as to why. Music lovers and aspiring creators especially need to read Black Canary as it has so much to offer.

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