Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride in “The Ghost Fleet #6” Review

Apr 8, 2015


GFLT-6-WM-1-2e808 (416x640)The Ghost Fleet #6
Dark Horse Comics

Written By: Donny Cates
Art by: Dan Johnson

The Ghost Fleet continues its supernatural, conspiracy laden thrill ride in the latest issue from the mind of Donny Cates. In issue 6 we find our hero Trace Morales on a mission to reclaim the cargo he stole from the villainous Roland and his Ghost Fleet. Trace with his female companion face off against a ruthless biker gang and an old friend turned hired assassin all in an effort to keep the precious cargo of The Ghost Fleet out of the hands of Roland and his nefarious plot.

Donny Cates paces this issue perfectly as the intensity and action are amped up in what has already been an explosive series. Cates makes you feel for the plight of Trace and his mission as we see GFLT-6-WM-4-fc79e (416x640)the veracity of the biker gang first hand and the lengths that Trace will go to retrieve the mysterious cargo. While the story is heavy on action, drama, and intrigue, Cates still keeps it light with quipy dialogue and a hilarious early meeting of our hero Trace and former friend turned assassin Mickey. Cates seems to understand the genre and loves to invoke the 80s action movie sensibility that has been a staple of this series sense the first issue.

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Dan Johnson seems to be a perfect match for Cates’ action packed style as each panel feels gritty but visually satisfying. Johnson is able to create fast paced, high intensity action scenes that fill the panels but don’t feel messy or blurred. Johnson holds nothing back and lets his pencil paint a beautiful canvas of blood and bullets. In my mind Cates’ and Johnson are creating a beautiful homage to 80s action but at the same time are telling a new and exciting story unlike anything you have seen before. The Ghost Fleet is the action movie you didn’t know you wanted but will walk away needing more.


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