Slingo Lucky Streak: Is it a game of luck?

Sep 19, 2022

The Slingo Lucky Streak is a new game from Slingo Originals that combines conventional bingo and slots online. Such an idea has proven to be rather successful over the years, and this one will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. Aside from the intriguing premise, players will also enjoy exciting parts of the game that will not only add to the fun but also lead to amazing prizes.

The Leprechaun from Ireland

People say that the Irish are lucky. The idea of luck is an important part of their ways and culture. One of the most well-known signs of this is the leprechaun, who is always looking for pots of gold. So, it’s not surprising that the Irish leprechaun is a big part of the theme of many online casino games. The same is true of Slingo Lucky Streak.

Design and Theme

The design is minimalistic, almost vintage, in keeping with the developer’s approach. Slingo Lucky Streak has an Irish theme, so you may anticipate a very familiar scene. However, it has never been the game’s aesthetic that has made Slingo popular. Nonetheless, aficionados of classic slots will have nothing to complain about here. The whole atmosphere is enhanced with a piece of traditional Irish music that plays as you spin the reels, capturing the vital cheerful feeling and putting a finishing touch to the action.

RTP and gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it is similar to previous online bingo and slot games in the developer’s catalogue. The game is played on a 5×5 reel set with bingo numbers that you must match with those shown on the additional 5×1 grid. This game begins with two lives, and each non-winning spin takes one away, while successful spins add one. Every spin grants you a respin, which you may keep doing until you run out of lives. There are 12 pay lines to complete, and each successive line boosts the total cash reward greatly. To win, you need to match at least three lines, which pays out 1x the bet. Matching 12 lines pay out 200x the bet.

Slingo Lucky Streak is playable from 0.2 to 25 per spin and is driven by a medium-high volatility math model, so hitting a significant win may be difficult. At 95%, the RTP is also lower than the norm of other bingo slots online. However, it does not have to be incredibly generous in order for you to win some delectable jackpots, so don’t be concerned about decreasing stats.


When it comes to supplementary features on bingo slots online, there aren’t many to choose from here. Slingo Originals usually takes the easy route, so the gameplay, like the design, is straightforward. Let us investigate. Aside from standard bingo symbols, a few specialities may occur in the 5×1 grid underneath the main reel set. 

Crosses are the least desirable since they operate as blocks and do not reward anything. The Wilds, symbolised by red and green hooded leprechauns, are the other two distinctive emblems. 

The red ones are regular Wilds, allowing players to fill any place on the appropriate reel above the grid, whilst the red ones are Super Wilds, allowing players to pick and fill any position on the reel set. When the leprechaun on the right side of the screen does his magic, more wilds may emerge on the grid. He may activate the Wild or Match 3 function, which will fill three random numbers on the reel set.


This symbol, a red leprechaun, allows you to cross out any number in the column to help keep your streak running.

Super Wilds

These boosted wilds go one step further, allowing you to choose and fill any place on the whole grid. Both of these wilds are available to help you win Slingos, and you may earn up to 200x your initial spin as a top prize.

The Blocker

This red and gold Celtic cross is a barrier that tries to stop you from completing Slingos.

Red hearts

These are your life, and they look nice at the top of your screen—get more by hitting the number matches. You may have two at the same time.

Extra Spins

If your streak is broken, you can buy more spins at the end of the game. However, if you choose to keep playing, the cost of each spin will be shown on the spin button and taken from the money you have left. 


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