Sly Stallone Would Pass The ‘Rambo’ Torch To Ryan Gosling; Ryan Responds

Nov 18, 2015


The fifth installment in the Rambo franchise The Last Blood is currently being written by Sly Stallone, and is said to be his final outing the titular John Rambo. Having him go up against a Mexican Drug Cartel, instead of the longstanding rumor he would be facing ISIS.

Stallone will also be reprising one of his iconic characters Rocky Balboa in Creed later this year, and when asked who he’d like to see play his iconic characters. Sly mentioned Ryan Gosling as his choice for Rambo if he were to pass the torch, and he admits is an odd choice.

You can check out the video of the interview that he posted on his Twitter account below.



This was brought-up to Gosling in an interview with Cinema Blend and he commented on the shout out by Stallone. Ryan was touched by the comments Stallone made.


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Ryan isn’t really known for his action roles, but after roles like Drive and the upcoming Blade Runner 2, that might change. However, Stallone hanging-up the character could allow someone like Gosling to play with the material in future installments, it’s only a matter of time before a sixth film or reboot starts to be brought up. Considering that Stallone owns Rambo, I’m sure there will be some creative freedom to the next actor to find the best people to make like he did.

If Gosling did get the chance to play that character, I could see him asking Nicholas Winding Refn to direct, which would be both awesome and insane at the same time.

Would you like to see Ryan Gosling in Rambo 6 or a reboot?

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