Soaring To New Heights in “Feathers #4” – REVIEW

Apr 1, 2015


Feathers-004-A-Main-1b486Feathers #4

Written by: Jorge Corona
Art by: Jorge Corona

Feathers #4 by Jorge Corona reaches new heights both figuratively and literally as Poe, Bianca and the Mice have to scramble to avoid being captured by the guards. It’s the latest twist that has made Feathers such a joy to read and it keeps getting more dramatic and exciting with every issue.Feathers-004-PRESS-5-4ff4f (416x640)

The miniseries has ramped up the action in the last two issues but at its center is the kindhearted Poe who’s looking for answers about where he came from and why he is the way he is. Bianca promises to take him to the White Guide who might have those answers. Meanwhile, the Mice leader, 2, doesn’t trust Poe and that mistrust could derail everything. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the child snatcher is still out there in the Maze.

The only thing better than Corona’s storytelling is his art. Throughout the series, the layouts and perspectives of each page are varied and lively. The character designs are colorful, cartoony and expressive. Feathers is an all-ages book because it’s meant to delight anyone from 8 to 80 and it does so through engaging characters, endless charm and whimsical adventure.

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