Sony Making ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Trilogy Without David Fincher

Apr 9, 2015



News from the Hollywood Reporter seemingly refute previous talk that Sony has killed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy which had been originally developed by David Fincher and screenwriter Steve Zaillian.

They claim that Sony is considering combining the final two books from author, Stieg LarssonThe Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest into one film, and then having the new novel The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz turned into the third move rounding-out the trilogy in that order instead. The announcement of the fourth book exploded on social media and likely has given Sony new interest in making the films work.

A big problem with this new development idea is that Sony will be stuck with a rather large bill for a script penned by Steve Zaillian, who was hired to turn the second book into it’s own feature. Steve’s script would likely have to be tossed-out or large portions removed to add content from the third book. Apparently, the studio paid upwards of mid-seven figures for the script from Zaillian. Fincher had previously commented in interviews that the studio had to make the movie to justify spending all that money on the script alone.

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No word on a new screenwriter, but since they’ve already shelled-out that kind of money on Zaillian they might as well ask to do the rewrites to add the third book into his pricey script.

A conflict over budgetary issues sparked a rift between Sony and David Fincher, with the director eventually exiting talks to make sequels. The studio sill wants to make the films but at an exceedingly smaller budget than the first film which cost $90M to make and earned around $232M worldwide. David Fincher would go on to director Gone Girl with smaller budget of $61M and earned $368M worldwide, his highest grossing film to date. I’m curious if after Sony’s negative email scandal and Fincher’s success with Gone Girl if they’ll be willing to go back to the table to ask David to come back. Although, THR is very specific they currently aren’t interested in Fincher being apart of the next two films.

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Contracts pertaining to the two main leads Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig had options for sequels, but we’re unsure if they have expired or if the actors are allowed to pass on sequels. It’s hard to imagine they’d pursue these films without the two since Rooney earned an Oscar nomination for the first film and Craig’s box office popularity has skyrocketed since Skyall made a billion dollars and his international awareness will increase further after Spectre is released later this year.

It would seem extremely bizarre if Sony did move forward without David Fincher, Rooney Mara, and Daniel Craig. You sort of have to question both their intentions along with their rational for still excluding Fincher. I’d also be curious to see how they make it work without the stunning score from Trent Rezor and Atticus Ross.


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