Sony’s Revisons of Sidekick Orko and Villain Skeletor Might Upset ‘Masters of Universe’ Fans

May 2, 2018


Sony is seemingly moving forward on their Masters of The Universe reboot as character breakdown have leaked as casting has begun.

However, two of the character breakdowns from ThatHashtagShow might leave fans a little puzzled as they’re really taking liberties with characters such as main villain Skeletor and comedic relief Orko.

The film’s central plot puts an interesting twist on the 1986 mini-comics series that revealed a familial relationship between Prince Adam and Skeletor. In the comics, Skeletor was once a man named Keldor, the brother of Adam’s father, King Randor.  Our source has indicated to us that in the upcoming film, King Randor will be presented as the great warrior-king of Eternia, a descendant of the Grayskulls, and the father of two sons: Adam and Keldor! As the film begins, Keldor is the chosen heir to the throne and his brother, Adam, is young, unfit and a bit of a black sheep. Where Adam’s relationship with his father is strained, Keldor is the epitome of a perfect son, beloved by his father…until the fate of Eternia is put on the line. With his kingdom on the line, Randor puts his people first, betraying Keldor, inciting the series of events that leads to him becoming the iconic Skeletor!

One of the He-Man’s most loyal allies, Orko was also one of the most interesting additions to the line. Developed to add some comedy to the 80’s animated series, Orko became a key member of the group and his attempts at using the magic his people, the Trollans, were known for often ended badly. In the film Orko will be reimagined as a small man whose self-doubt holds him back from being a reasonably mediocre wizard.

The film now has Adam Nee and Aaron Nee attached to direct according to Variety.

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We had previously reported that Sony had been eyeing production locations such as Vancouver and Budapest for the film.

We’re still waiting on updated production dates but it looks like a start in the fall is likely.

They’ve given the film the release date of December 18th, 2019.


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