Specter Inspectors # 1 (REVIEW)

Feb 2, 2021



Specter Inspectors # 1

Boom Studios

Created & Written by: Bowen McCurdy & Kaitlyn Musto
Art by: Bowen McCurdy
Letters by: Jim Campbell

Call them the phantom minutes. Those fleeting few moments that our social media society has come to covet. Only nothing lasts or lives forever even fame, right?

Boom Studios new series Specter Inspectors is an enjoyable introduction to a quartet of ghost (and fame) chasing young adults. Headed by the site/channel manager Astrid this group is attempting to become the next tube sensation. Joining her on investigations are techie Ko, intern “child” Gus and the main team member Koa with her ability to hear ghosts.

Issue # 1 jumped right into the InSpookters uploading the promo for their next investigation. This trip finds them in the town of Cape Grace with it’s many supernatural occurrences and disappearances. Up first the group plans to tour the Town Hall which burned 100 years ago.

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As the team separates to begin their investigation of the Town Hall this comic really started to draw me in. First the dialogue between Astrid and Koa was amazingly compelling and convincing. The conversation the two have arguing the values of authenticity over a larger audience is a familiar one for any content creator. Oddly enough, it is at this moment something occurs that makes this conversation moot.

Suddenly a familiar teen ghostbusting story shows a familiarity with the laws of the paranormal. A sinister spirit makes it’s presence known and changes everything for the group. Now this team has a real situation to bring to their reality series. The collaborative team of Specter Inspectors have introduced a tale combining a search for the specter of fame with the risk of being possessed by what you’re chasing.

Score: 8.9


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