‘Spectre’ Leading Directly Into ‘BOND 25’ As A Two-Part Epic?

Feb 12, 2015


There’s no secret that Sony has big aspirations for the Bond franchise and they’re even looking towards the future. Including looking at possible replacements for Daniel Craig who might not return after the last two films in his contract.

Having a huge scheme for Daniel’s last two films wouldn’t be hard to imagine and there’s been rumors suggesting that the next two films could have a single connected story told in two-parts, a risky thing since that didn’t workout so well for Quantum of Solace.

Here is what Film Divider has to say about the reoccurring rumor that Spectre will be a two-part story wrapping-up in Bond 25.

Long before the title of Spectre was revealed, we heard a lot of talk about Bond 24 and 25 being the halves of a two-part story. More recently, this has been downplayed but I can confirm that this film will absolutely, definitely leave us waiting for a sequel. I promise you that several actors who are making their series debut in this film will have been signed up to appear in the next one too. The question, I suppose, is whether Sam Mendes will commit to returning too. My hunch is that he must be planning on it. I can’t imagine him working so hard on all of this set-up and not wanting to deliver the final pay-off.


There’s been chatter for months that Blofeld will be the main villain of the film and possibly played by Christoph Waltz who was given the character name Oberhauser. A quick google search reveals Oberhauser is an infamous Nazi officer and might be a hint that Blofeld was a collaborator with Nazis during WWII. The title of the film does refer to the criminal organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E. which is run by Blofeld.

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Pitting Blofeld’s S.P.E.C.T.R.E. against M.I.6. and Bond over two films isn’t a terrible idea considering he’s arguably his greatest reoccurring nemesis in the franchise. Sony and MGM only recently got the rights back to the character so they might go into overdrive with his story-arc.

It’s difficult as a Bond fan to try to dig into this harder because you don’t want to spoil the entire film for yourself. However, with Sony’s huge hacking attack Spectre‘s shooting script leaked online it’s not for people to get ahold of what the ending could be. I’m not someone who is going to go and read a stolen script just to confirm this detail to only to ruin the ending of the film.

Let’s be cautiously optimistic this could happen and if anyone could pull-off a two-part Bond story it would be Sam Mendes who is said to be returning for next installment as well.


Daniel Craig’s Bond contract will be up after he makes Bond 25 and it’s expected it could be his last, going out with bang like this could be a great way to retire the character.

Reports are suggesting Sony is strongly considering Idris Elba for the new 007 who might first be seen in Bond 26 as revealed during the leaking of studio emails via the hack. We already know that Elba has warmed-up to the idea and said in his Reddit AMA that he’d “absolutely” take the role if offered. I know a lot of people really want this to happen and if they want to mix things up this could be a way to do it.

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When it comes to a director for Bond 26 we have no idea who could end-up with the job but Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar) has mentioned to Empire his “serious” Bond ambitions. There’s even talk via The Daily Mail that Bond producers have already approached him.

“It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things.”

Nolan has revealed that Inception took a lot of inspiration from the Bond films with the snowy-scene being a direct homage to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. However, if he did agree to direct I’m sure he’d want put his own stamp on the franchise and would likely mean he’d want to be the first to direct the new Bond actor establishing his era of Bond, which could mean he might take a shot at another Bond trilogy.


I also wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Hardy as a secondary casting choice for Bond considering we know Hardy is sniffing around for another big franchise role being linked for Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad.


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