SPECULATION: Will Atlas Foundation and Namor Be Introduced In ‘Avengers 4’?

Sep 18, 2017


There was a recent Avengers 4 casting call from CentralCastingGeorgia seeking women to play 1960s extras. While many have suggested to a return to SHIELD and Agent Carter, but there is another superhero spin to setup another film.

Agents of Atlas of The Atlas Foundation was superhero team founded in 1958, which included many superheroes from pre-Marvel Comics. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the Atlas Foundation up and running during the 1960s.

Team includes Gorilla Man, Agent Jimmy Woo (head of Atlas Foundation), Namora of Atlantis, The Urianian, 3-D Man, Venus, and Robot.

Oddly enough, we already have hints to Atlas in the MCU as it’s leader former FBI Agent Jimmy Woo will be introduced in Ant-Man and the Wasp played by Off The Boat actor Randall Park. It’s expected Woo be on pursuit of Scott Lang after he escaped from The Raft and we’ve had confirmation the FBI plays a role in the sequel via casting calls. Woo was a character first seen in 1950s comics as the FBI’s top agent. The seeds are already planted if they wanted to pursue an Atlas film.

We haven’t had confirmation of Hiroyuki Sanada’s role in Avengers 4, but we have consistently mentioned that Marvel has been hinting towards Namor. An incarnation is a Japanese version of the hero named Namor Miyamoto, this added that Sanada is a Japanese action star it’s possible it could be more than a random Yakuza character.

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One of the many Namor Easter Eggs we’ve collected included a model of an underwater city display at the Stark Expo scene in Captain America: The First Avenger. Could these engineers be linked to the construction of this underwater city?

Namor’s cousin Namora would be become a team member Agents of Atlas, and having him in an Atlas film could be a way to use Namor without having to deal with Universal’s rights to a solo film.Similar to how Marvel has dealt with Universal’s solo Hulk rights by making him a supporting character. Squeezing Planet Hulk into Thor: Ragnarok instead having to deal with Universal to make that a solo flick.

Avengers 4 attempting to setup a phase four film like Atlas isn’t a terrible idea but it remains to be seen if it’ll actually happen. At the moment it’s just a cool thing that could come together as Marvel starts to seek new film properties to explore in the future. What do you think?

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