Mar 2, 2015


The news of the day has been that Drew Goddard (Cabin In The Woods) will write and direct The Spectacular Spider-Man for Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures. Other bits and bobs have been showing-up in different reports on the news.

Latino Review suggesting that Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man will have a key role in the upcoming solo film set for release in July 2017.

It’s been widely reported and even mentioned in the original press release that Spider-Man will be apart of a Marvel Studios picture before his solo outing. This gives us three films to consider with the two best candidates being Captain America: Civil War and Scott Derrickson‘s Doctor Strange.

While we’ve been assuming it would be Civil War, even after his role in that story had been replaced with Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther. Badass Digest is hearing that Doctor Strange could be the first Marvel film Spidey appears in.

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Spidey will be appearing in other Marvel movies first (we all expect him in Captain America: Civil War, but I’ve been told he will show up in Doctor Strange. We’ll see!).

Let’s remember that Devin was the first one saying that Drew Goddard’s Sinister Six was going to be a reboot of the franchise, way before the reboot was even revealed by the email leaks. He obviously has a source close to the project.

This sort of makes sense since Strange and Spidey teamed-up in the comics. We’ve already suggested that it’s more likely to see the hero be teamed-up with heroes settled around his New York location. Strange is based in the The Village which could mean logical interactions or a cameo for Spider-Man.

The film starring Benedict Cumberbatch could use the extra help from a Spidey cameo since he won’t be getting the kind of bump that Panther will be via Civil War before his solo film. It’s also Kevin’s baby and I’m sure he understands it’s the film that would most benefit from a crossover.

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Having the new Spider-Man jump into the Avengers fray doesn’t make sense for Civil War and we know that Marvel Studios will be making their own cinematic version of the character.

Being introduced in Doctor Strange and then interacting with Stark/Iron Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man building-up to joining the Avengers ranks for Infinity War makes the most sense considering how these movies are working.


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