‘Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Contracted For Six Movies; Crossover In ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequels?

Nov 9, 2016


Tom Holland has revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that he’s contracted to make six movies for Marvel Studios as Peter Parker. Two of those being Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, it remains to be see what other Marvel films he’ll be apart of outside of Spidey sequels.

“They give you options and those could be exercised whenever. Like a cameo in Avengers. I’m unclear as to which movies though. I do know I have three Spider-Man [appearances in other] movies and three solo movies contracted. But if you have another movie, Marvel is so good at working around it. They’re very respectful of your life, really. They understand that you have to work on other movies, and they try and fix it up so you can work around each other.”

Other recent comments suggest that he might be like Evangeline Lily’s Wasp, one of the few characters to sit out on the Avengers sequel Infinity War.


We wouldn’t be terribly shocked if Spider-Man happened to be apart of Doctor Strange 2 or Doctor Strange 3.The Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created New York heroes have teamed-up plenty of times to fight mystical and occult threats in the comics and cartoons, their pairing would make similar sense to the Thor/Hulk dynamic in Thor: Ragnarok.


Holland is currently in talks to join Benedict Cumberbatch in The Current War, while his involvement in Avengers: Infinity War hasn’t been cemented.

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A crossover film isn’t out of the question.



Kevin Feige has suggested we’ll see more “unexpected team-ups” in future films, I’m not entirely sure general audiences would be expecting to see Peter and Stephen team-up.

There are a couple of characters that could be involved in a crossover film.

One of the problems I’ve had with most of the Spider-Man films is they completely ignore the horror, cosmic and mystical side to the source material.


One character that’s played both villain and ally to Doctor Strange and Spider-Man is the living vampire Dr. Michael Morbius. He would later become a heroic character joining horror teams The Legion of Monsters and Midnight Sons.

Michael Morbius was born in Greece. A flashback reveals that Morbius was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, who had attempted to cure himself of a rare blood disease with an experimental treatment involving vampire bats and electroshock therapy. However, he instead became afflicted with a far worse condition, “pseudo-vampirism,” that mimicked the powers and blood-thirst of legendary vampirism. Morbius now had to digest blood in order to survive and had a strong aversion to light. He gained the ability to fly, as well as superhuman strength, speed, and healing abilities. His appearance, already ugly, became hideous—-his canine teeth extended into fangs, his nose flattened to appear more like a bat’s, and his skin became chalk-white. He also gained the ability to turn others into similar “living vampires” by biting them, infecting them with the disease of pseudo-vampirism.


Scott Derrickson has been teasing Nightmare as the villain of Doctor Strange 2 and having him unleash vampires on our dimension from his realm. Other potential villains that could their way to Earth from another dimension could include Venom and the ultra-violent vampiric Carnage symboites.

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In the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, Mordo and Carnage teamed-up attempted to release Dormammu into our dimension. Derrickson has been trying to suggest that he’s aiming to give fans a villain on the level of the Joker and psychopath/homicidal sadist Cletus Kasady (Carnage) could be that kind of Marvel villain.



Another Spider-Man ally that would fit nicely into a crossover would be an mystical character Madame Web, who could possibly another piece of connective tissue between Strange and Parker.

There are already clues this could happen as Doctor Strange composer Michael Giacchino has confirmed he’ll be scoring Spider-Man: Homecoming, meaning he’ll likely be scoring both franchises. Sharing a composer might make things a little easier if Marvel looked to do a crossover film.


There’s already been a hint to this when Spider-Man actor Tom Holland visited the Doctor Strange set in London.

While the two sequels haven’t been announced by Marvel, there is some strong assumption they’ll be taking two of the three untitled release spots in 2020 (July and November).



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