Spider-Verse #1 (Review)

Oct 4, 2019


Spider-Verse #1
Publisher: Marvel
Story: Joe Mackay
Art: Various
Colors: Various
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

Marvel’s Summary:
Miles Morales finally feels like he GETS this Spider-Man stuff… and then falls through a portal! But isn’t the WEB OF LIFE & DESTINY destroyed? Maybe not, True Believer. But who spun this new web? Regardless, Miles finds himself at the center of a multiversal adventure that will feature a who’s who of creators and characters as the series spins forward!

The Review:

Marvel finally caught up with the fan fervor that Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse created. This six issue mini delves into the multiple Spider-Men, Spider-Women, and Spider…Things that roam the various multiple dimensions of the universe. In issue one we get a quick peek at Spider-Punk, Spider-Monster, Lord Spider, and Spider-Zero as Miles Morales takes a journey through the multiverse.

While this issue is lite on story it is 100% fun. All the little glimpses of alternate dimensions and the various versions of Spider-Man that dwell within them are a hoot. (Yeah, I said hoot. Who are you to judge me?) Ultimately it comes down to Miles being summoned by Spider-Zero to assist in tracking down Spiderling and fixing something called the Web of Life and Destiny. This means a mini-series filled with more dimension hopping and cameos by alternate versions of the web head.
The visuals in this issue are handled by 11 different creators. Which breaks down to a different art style for each new reality. Thanks to the story line being set up to explain these visual changes to the reader by each new art style representing a new dimension, these artistic changes do not detract from the books appeal.

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The creative team really takes the story to the artistic extremes. From the heavily packed and detailed style we see in the segment featuring Spider-Monster to the sparse classic anime style that features its own interpretation of Spidey. There is something here for everyone. While I might not be up-to-date on all the characters and their respective backstories I think that is part of the charm of a series like this. The more obscure characters will force fans to go out and learn more about who is who and where they fit into the Spider-Man universe.

All-in-all a fun comic worth a read.

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