Spider-Woman Rumored For ‘Spider-Man 2’ – Explains European Setting?

Mar 9, 2018


Details concerning the Spider-Man sequel have been scarce but the main things gathered from production details is that the film will indeed be set in Europe.

Filming locations for Spider-Man 2 include England, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy.

There is now a potential explanation for the obvious European setting of the sequel as ThatHashTag show has new character detail about this European femme-fatale character they’re looking to cast. Which is being referred to as a “Bond-type intelligence agent”.

They speculate this info leads them to believe this European “femme-fatale” spy character could be former HYDRA Agent turned Avenger Jessica Drew, better known as Spider-Woman

London-born, Jessica Drew moves to the fictional Eastern European country of Transia at a young age, originally where Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are from. It’s possible this could be replaced with mercenary Silver Sable’s fellow fictional country of Symkaria or even Age of Ultron’s Sokovia.

One of Drew’s villains is Eastern European baddie Ophelia Sarkissian aka Madame Hydra, who convinced Jessica she was her mother. Jessica also has ties to the Skrulls which could come into play with Avengers 4.

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We’re willing to add our own speculation with this spy talk.


Spider-Man has tangled with espionage plots (with SHIELD/Nick Fury) before in the comics and cartoons

There is also a good chance that this could lead to Russian spy and master of disguise Spidey villain Dmitri Anatoly Smerdyakov Kravinoff aka The Chameleon being the big bad of the film, the half-brother of fan-favorite Kraven The Hunter.

It’s possible that Silver and Black could leave some plot breadcrumbs for Spider-Man 2.

Previously, there had been chatter that both these villains will be introduced in Silver and Black. Having the villainous brothers could be a good way to tie all these characters to each other. Setting the film in Europe also gives Marvel an excuse to tackle/introduce multiple foreign Spidey villains.

This could be further evidence that these spinoffs will be indeed part of the MCU if only adjacent.

The untitled Spider-Man sequel is set to begin filming this June in New York, Berlin, London, Prague, and Venice. It’s been given the prime release date of July 5th, 2019.

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