Spiderman: No Way Home & Avoiding Internet Spoilers

Dec 14, 2021

Planning on seeing Spiderman this week? Well, The internet is going to be riddled with spoilers for the next couple days. Our Advise to readers and viewers, go dark on social media, or filter your feeds. Do not click reviews from outlets that have track records of ruining big movies. They are simply trying to get the information out there first.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Spiderman No way Home Swings into theaters everywhere, thursday. Stay ahead of spoilers, and stay off social media

Variety, a well known trade, has posted their review of [Spiderman No Way Home] and wouldn’t you know, their article is full of spoilers. Brandon Davis from Comicbook.com called Variety out, asking why there wouldn’t be any repercussions from the studio, leaving me to ask myself, why? why wouldn’t they get in trouble via Marvel Studios? Why are trades and people like John Campea, not facing any repercussion.

Spiderman No Way Home from Marvel Studios Premieres world wide on Thursday, and ahead of its release, prepare for plenty of outlets to post spoilers in their reviews of the film

When you have platforms as big as Variety, Or The John Campea show, with large audiences that look to them for guidance, and to give them insight as to whether its worth heading to the theater to see a film[Especially in the Pandemic era]

the Issue?

One of the biggest issues we(as a movie community) face, with the advent of the internet. Everybody who covers films & TV. Feel pressured to beat each other to the punch. To get the information they have out there as soon as possible. We live in a Dog-Eat-Dog world, and it has given way, to an ocean full of sharks. When it comes to navigating the internet in the days leading to a premiere, It can get pretty dicey.

Video Courtesy of POP! Culture Corner On YouTube.

So, how can we fix this issue? is there a solution? Should studios hand down punishments to outlets they allow to see films or projects early, and then abuse that power? At The GWW, we do get our fair share of Screeners, however we have a strict code, and don’t allow spoilers in our reviews.

A cruel, cruel world.

Spiderman: No Way Home. Arguably one of the biggest film to hit theaters since Avengers: Endgame, was always going to face this issue. Sadly we live in a world where information is currency, and its a race to the finish line. If you are hell bent on going into this film free of spoilers, stay off the internet entirely. However if you’re like us, you cant. limit your exposure, its a law of average game. If you spend less time on Social media, then the chances of spoilers drop significantly.