SPOILER: Katherine Waterston’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ Character Details Revealed

Jun 9, 2016


Katherine Waterston‘s Alien: Covenant character was recently revealed by Fox as taking the name surname Daniels, a majority of the details concerning the film have been kept secret by the studio.

However, The Playlist has learned some interesting possible character details concerning Daniels. Scroll down to learn how her character Daniels factors into in the film and the overall Alien mythology.































According the site Daniels will be the mother of Ellen Ripley, which is seemingly the connection to the original film that Ridley Scott has been promising us.We’ve assumed she’ll also be apart of the crew of the colony ship Covenant. I’ll be curious if Daniels will be in extended hyper-sleep at the end of the new Alien trilogy from Ridley Scott allowing her to be apart of Alien 5.

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This isn’t hard to believe considering Ellen’s daughter Amanda (established in Aliens director’s cut) had her own run-in with the xenomorph in the video game spin-off Alien: Isolation, making the series this huge family affair. It’s possible that Ridley might take other cues from Isolation for Covenant and it’s sequels.

Alien: Covenant is shooting in Australia and New Zealand, with release set for August 3rd, 2017.


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