SPOILERS: Possible ‘X-Force’ Villains That ‘Deadpool 2’ Teases

May 18, 2018

This article contains minor to major spoilers for Deadpool 2 unless you’ve seen the film you might to avoid reading the follow article.

















So, we finally got confirmation that the Juggernaut aka Cain Marko is indeed in the film, something Omega Underground had started reporting on back in August via set photos which are now confirmed to be Juggernaut’s motion capture actor on set.

Along with teasers spotted in the trailers which both were confirmed to be hinted at Marko.

Juggernaut surivives at the end but Jack Kesy’s Black Tom on the other hand takes a bullet to the skull. There’s a good chance we could see him make a return as he does make it clear that Xavier is his step-brother as established in the comics.

Well, we think we have an idea of some other possible future baddies the film was hinting to for X-Force.

First, the mutant orphanage that Russell is being abused at is called “Essex” and this most likely a nod to Mister Sinister aka Nathaniel Essex, along with Essex Corp. which was previously seen in both X-Men: Apocalypse and Logan.

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Sinister had been linked as a featured character in Gambit, but after extensive rewrites, it’s unknown if he’ll be appearing in that film. Along with unconfirmed rumblings that he was being eyed for New Mutants with the intention of being played by Jon Hamm (someone we had been suggesting for the role).

Essex has ties to the origins of both Gambit and Cable, seeing him take a larger role in future films makes a lot of sense as Fox is running out of useable mutant baddies. His mutant groups the Nasty Boys and Maraurders seem like excellent villain foils for X-Force.

He also carves out a base in the Savage Land which could make for an interesting locale since it has dinosaurs and genetically modified creatures.

Next is alien glutton Mojo and his formable bodyguard Spiral from Mojoworld.

Rusty aka Shatterstar reveals to Wade he’s an alien from Mojoworld and this is confirmed when his parachute lands into the blades of a helicopter with his green blood/cuts spraying all over. Considering Wade was going back in time to save people, there is a good chance that Rusty could be making a comeback and a visit to Mojoworld isn’t out of the question in this bonkers franchise.

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I mean, we just saw time-travel and some oddball version of heaven, an alien world isn’t out of the realm of possibilities here.

Another possible villain tease is a large muscluar pale prisoner with long blonde hair in the Ice-Box that resembles Russian super-mutant Omega Red. He’s seen before and after Wade’s confornation with Black Tom.

It’s believable since he’s a mass-murderer with ties to the Yakuza and Russian mafia. He could end up having ties to Wade via Special Forces/Weapon X days or even Colossus back in Russia. While he’s primarily a Wolverine villain, he’s tangled with both Wade and X-Force.

There is a good chance since Drew Goddard has a story for X-Force that he might been able to plant seeds for their villain. Another interesting aspect is that Wade tinkering with Cable’s time-travelling technology might have created some horrible alternative future via the butterfly effect and giving us a reason to potentially explore Cable’s future along with the addition of folks like his daughter Hope and fellow time-traveller Bishop (friend or foe) into the mix.

What do you think? Did you spot any other links to possible villains?

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