Spy Seal #1 REVIEW

Aug 3, 2017


Spy Seal #1
Image Comics

Story / Art / Cover by: Rich Tommaso

Available: 8/16/2017

When this comic came across my virtual desk, I had to snap it up. Just looking at the cover and a few of the sample pages, I knew I would like this book. What I was not expecting was to find so much humanity in its pages. You see, the London that Rich Tommaso drops us into is full of anthropomorphic animals. They have jobs, families, and worries just like us, but with a bit more fur. They even go to art shows, but you have to pick up your own copy to see their styles.

I do not want to give too much of the plot away, but the title gives you a bit of an idea. This issue is filled with intrigue, romance, and a bit of comedy. It is very well written and does not take much time to suck you into its world. I honestly forgot that talking animals is not normal! Like any well done first issue, this is an origin story and one I am on board for. I cannot wait to see what happens to both our main character and his “Bird.”

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The art in this series is deceptively simple.  Based on the preview pages I skimmed before reading, I honestly thought this was a children’s comic.  I was very quickly corrected.  Now do not get me wrong, there is not strong material in here I would let teens look at, but I will keep it away from my 4-year-old daughter.  Rich succeeds in a very difficult task.  He created a world, and used an art style that feels natural in it.  He also manages to have the art, but help the story when it needs to and step back then it’s not the focus.  It also has a bit of a timeless quality.

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