Staff GOTY 2012 – Joe

Nov 29, 2012

We try to be objective at GWW. But we also want to maintain our individuality. Thus, I’ve encouraged everyone to share their feelings about which game really did it for them this year instead of looking at value and structure. For example, we have a guy on our staff that has put over 200 hours into Diablo 3, but he protested it’s award of game of the year. This is a healthy exercise!

My favorite game this year is Legend of Grimrock by Almost Human. Rogue-like dungeon crawling used to be a favorite genre of mine, but no game has been able to resurface the memories of my youth like Legend of Grimrock. Combining RPG elements with a checkboard level scheme, Grimrock will challenge players to be strategic with their goals, yet tactically sound in their builds and execution. That was my life in 1995. I spent hundreds of hours playing Dungeon Master II.

Grimrock is a fantastic tribute to old-school dungeon crawlers. It’s also quite unique in today’s gaming marketplace. It can be had on Steam for $14.99. It’s well worth the money!