Oct 13, 2021




Picard and the team of the ISS Enterprise are back in action in Star Trek The Mirror War #1. If you have read the first issue meaning issue #0 you’ll find yourself right at home as the story continues. From an ill-fated raid attempt to landing in some hot water back on earth. Picard finds himself on a new mission to a ship-building planet called Faundori, however, it will not be an easy task as the planet is located deep within the Klingon-Cardassian territory.

IDW Publishing
Story by: Scott and David Tipton
Art by: Gavin Smith
Colors by: Charlie Kirchoff
Letters by: Neil Uyetake

What is it about?

The book starts with Picard and Data making some trouble as what seems like a sort of gentleman’s club on some planet. They escape with their bounty and quickly scurry back to the Enterprise. Back on the Enterprise, Lieutenant Barclay is being interrogated by Deanna to find out if everything he has been telling them is on level par. Lieutenant Barclay mentions the ship-building planet Faundori and Picard wants to conquer the planet to build his armada.  However, before they can journey to the newly discovered planet, firstly a raid on Klingon-Cardassian battle cruiser to gather the resources for the long journey to Faundori. On the other hand, some of the crew might not be fully invested in the plan, will this lead to a power struggle in later issues? We will have to wait and find out.

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Final Thoughts

The pacing seems to be up and down and the art still is a bit problematic. As the facial expression don’t always seem to fit the situation. I get it, these are some serious characters, they are not the goody two shoes of the opposite reality. This might become a truly fantastic adventure if you are willing to look past the few shortcomings. If you can do that you will be in for a treat. 

SCORE: 6.5

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