Star Trek The Next Generation: Through the Mirror #1

May 2, 2018


Star Trek: The Next Generation | Through the Mirror #1
IDW Publishing

Written by David and Scott Tipton
Art by Marcus To and J.K. Woodward
Colors by Brittany Peer
Letters by AndWorld Design
Release date May 2, 2018

The Mirror Universe: a seriously dark, barbaric, aggressive version of the universe that we know of from our Federation. The Terran Empire rules over Earth with an iron fist and a sharp blade. This is where we venture to in this newest release from IDW with the crew from the Enterprise D.

A supply facility that is showing some missing items, a suspicious Worf, and a beard (it’s always about the beards with the Mirror Universe). The first issue of this weekly run has two running storylines, one that is running in the time of the television series and the other months earlier in the parallel universe. The first has the Enterprise crew running down leads to missing resources at a Federation Supply base while the other has the crew of the ISS Enterprise discovering a secret that someone important to their universe is still alive.

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The action and intensity of this issue are apparent from the first panels and it keeps up throughout. The storyline that is laid out here is fresh and could easily be dropped right into an excellent story arc or multi-part episode of the series. The artwork in this first issue is very polarizing and quite sharp. From the ridges of Worf’s forehead to the gritty darkness of the Mirror Universe the edging and color are spot on. If the entire series keeps up like this issue then it will be a very welcome addition to any Trekkie’s collection!

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