Star Trek The Next Generation: Through the Mirror #3

May 15, 2018

Star Trek The Next Generation: Through the Mirror #3
IDW Publishing

Written by David Tipton & Scott Tipton
Art by Josh Hood and J.K. Woodward
Colors by David Garcia Cruz
Letters by AndWorld Design
Release Date May 16, 2018

The midway point of this weekly series brings us a welcome surprise in the guise of Lt. Reginald “Broccoli” Barclay in Imperial garb. We see that he’s plotting for some espionage on the USS Enterprise with some interesting results while training. Being helped by Inquisitor Troi, we see the start of a mission that will bring the ISS Enterprise some greatly curried favor. On the flipside of the issue, we see Data still searching out for Emperor Spock on a darkly forested world.

Issue 3 really brought on a more spy-like feel with the mission of Barclay and Troi. The addition of the little nods to the first season of the television series was nice and created a fun little interaction plus if you read it a second time you’ll notice the more subtle additions. Artwork is pretty spot on though there are some facial expressions that could use some lesser emphasis. The secondary story “Ripe for Plunder” doesn’t have much to offer but the gritty artwork is still very appealing. Looking forward to seeing how the series wraps up.

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