Star Wars A Memory Awakens

Apr 16, 2015


sw poster 1This is not a recap of what happened on the new teaser trailer which just dropped at Star Wars Celebration which I am at covering for It is more about the memories that it brought out of me. I remember seeing Star Wars A New Hope when it first came into theaters in 1977. Yes I originally saw it in the theater. I was six years old. It was at Big Newport Theater in Newport Beach, California. I believe it was the biggest and best theater in my area at that time. It was opening weekend and my Dad took me to see it. I recall standing in a line that wrapped
twice around the building. We stood outside as two showings ended. Finally it was my turn. I had no idea what I was in store for. All I remember was my Dad telling me it was an outer space film. We took our seats with of course popcorn and a drink. Probably the only way he could keep me quiet. I was a very loud and obnoxious boy. Some would say I am still the same as an adult in my mid forties. Once the curtain opened and the lights went down I was giddy with excitement. A long time ago in a Galaxy far away enters on the screen , and I say to my Dad “do I have to read this movie.”

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I immediately was hushed. I think this was the first and only time in my life I was glad someone told me to be quiet. Hearing for the first time in an equipped theater with surround Dolby Stereo was just intense. I know, big deal you say. Now a days people have great Bose headphones and can listen to them on the go. Well hearing the Imperial march blasting in a theater made me smile from ear to ear. Seeing Darth Vader for the first time as he is walking down a hallway just cleared of Rebels just made me cringe in fear and anticipation. I knew right then I was cheering for the bad guys. Yes that is where my fascination of Star Wars started.

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Now don’t get me wrong I’m not all about the villains. I loved the big hairball (Chewbacca) flying the Falcon with a wisecracking Smuggler known as Han Solo and seeing those two together again is what brought this memory out of the cobwebs in my head. The final scene of the new trailer for Star Wars A Force Awakens shows those two standing together, side by side again. Sometimes it’s funny how a memory comes back after all these years , but thanks to George Lucas and now JJ Abrams I can say I have another great memory to

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