Star Wars Darth Vader (2020) #24: Marvel Comics Review

Jun 30, 2022

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Marvel has spent a lot of time exploring Darth Vader over the last few years. At this point, we have really begun to dive deep into Vader’s inner most demons. Darth Vader still carries the memories of Anakin Skywalker with him everywhere he goes. Now we explore what happens when those demons are brought to the surface of his world.

Marvel Comics
Written by: Greg Pak
Inks by: Marco Castiello
Colors by: Carlos Lopez
Letters by: VC’s Joe Carmanga

The Past always comes back

At this point in the series, Vader has teamed up with Sabe, Padme’s look-alike handmade who was one of her most loyal servants. Sabe has pieced together the fact that Vader is Anakin Skywalker. She has chosen to use this to her advantage, using Vader’s connections to his past to leverage him to serve her purpose. It is simply a stroke of genius.


The sight of Sabe and others involved in the story send Darth Vader deep into his own head. Padme’s belief that there was still good within him is slowly eating away at the dark lord. I won’t spoil all of the details of this moment, but suffice to say that it is a fantastic personification of the inner battle between Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker that we see play out through Star Wars lore.

The “A plot” of this edition was nothing to write home about. It was a good reason to bring back a few characters from the series and Star Wars as a whole, but it certainly wasn’t one of the more memorable story lines in this series of comics. The visuals were quite solid as per usual. The way Marvel chooses to show Vader’s “Inner Demon’s” continues to be a highlight for this series on the whole.

is he Vader or is he Anakin?

Any one who has seen Star Wars Episode XI knows that Anakin ultimately wins at the end of the day and comes back to the light to save his son. That being said, Star Wars has not as of yet made it clear where that switch occurs inside the Dark Lord’s head. I will be very intrigued to see if the writers use this point as the real beginning of that pivot, or if Vader will ultimately win out for this run. If I were Sabe, I would be watching my back very carefully.

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