Stargirl 01×08 “Shiv Part 2” (Review)

Jul 6, 2020



Season 1, Episode 8 “Shiv Part 2”

With the aftereffects of the fight with Cindy, Courtney has to sit on the sidelines as she is in the hospital. The other members of the Justice Society formulate a plan to infiltrate Cindy’s house to get intel on the Injustice Society. As everything is going on, Pat is dealing with the fallout of Courtney’s injuries. 

The episode continues the events and story of Cindy fully becoming Shiv. One of the main questions from last week’s episode was if Courtneys identity of being Stargirl was revealed to Cindy. This is a major concern, especially if Cindy takes that information to the Injustice Society. With this massive uncertainty, the other JSA members formulate a plan to get intel on the ISA and what Cindy knows. 

As this is the first two parter episode in the series, the story flows perfectly between the two parts. The show does a good job answering questions from the previous episode that allows both to tie in perfectly. 

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This episode gives a glimpse on how hard it is to keep a double life a secret. Pat has to make sacrifices to insure that Courtney’s secret is safe. Mike in the last episode was jealous of the time Pat and Court spent together. Their choices have ramifications and hopefully the creative teams will still show us this theme.. 

The episode overall is a great follow up and continuation of the story. We see the wide spread infiltration the Injustice Society has with Blue Valley, not just in prominent positions but also a network of resources. The stand out part of the episode is seeing the other JSA members act on their own without the guidance of Courtney or Pat.

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