Stargirl 01×11 “Shining Knight” (Review)

Jul 27, 2020


DC Universe/The CW

Season 1, Episode 11 “Shining Knight”

The fallout of Henry Jr’s death was felt by everyone, the reality that the Injustice Society will pay any cost to accomplish their goal is starting to set in. Courtney learns a hard truth about herself and her past as she receives an unexpected visitor. 

With the Injustice Society plan on the verge of beginning their reign of terror, we see some of the ramifications of their plan on Justin the janitor or formally known as the Shining Knight. We see first hand the effects of the plan and how dangerous it truly is. Since they are on the verge of changing all of Blue Valley, the Shining Knight is key to understanding it. 

The episode focuses on what family truly means and how blood means nothing. With Henry Jr being killed by his own father, Courtney, Barab and Pat look to do everything to protect themselves and Blue Valley from them. The family dynamic has been a subplot for some time and this is the first episode to fully acknowledge its importance. 

 With everything coming to the final battle, we become aware of how truly terrifying the situation really is. With the ISA willing to kill off other members and their family to accomplish the goal, we see the JSA members come to terms with how dangerous the task is and what they are willing to sacrifice to stop them. Most of the episodes have hinted towards this dark path but until recently we are seeing it more first hand with characters we have become attached to. 

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Overall this episode sets up for the final conflict perfectly. Knowing how truly evil the Injustice Society plans to change the fabric of Blue Valley gives the JSA a reason to sacrifice their lives to save everyone. One question that hasn’t been answered is, who is going to take up the mantle of the other members? And what has happened to Thunderbolt’s pen?

Score: 80 out of 100

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