Stargirl 01×12 Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One (Review)

Aug 3, 2020


DC Universe/The CW

Season 1, Episode 12 ‘Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One”

With no time or options left, Courtney, Pat and Barb must bring everyone together for attempt at stopping the Injustice Society. Having their identities exposed gives no chance at a sneak attack.. With the team together for the first time, it might be the last if they do not find a way to stop the ISA and their master plan. 

This episode is the most action orientated in the entire season so far. One of the biggest stand-out fight sequences plays out in this episode. The growth of the relationship between Courtney and the Cosmic Staff is great as it showcases their bond. With her dad taking the locket with cosmic properties, it was great to see her and the staff’s connection is still growing without it. 

Outside of the amazing action sequences, we also see relationship bonds growing stronger. Not so much in the ISA where those are slowly deteriorating, but those of the Whitmores. Having them show coming to terms with the realities helps show the power of family. 

As we get a second two parter episode, it’s good to see it change up and leave on a cliffhanger. Granted, it is a clique technique, it was good they didn’t copy the earlier ending of the first two parters. The ending gives the viewers a reason to see part two. 

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As we move more to the conclusion of season one, the story has been very solid. With each episode building to the final battle, we skipped the villain of the week premise and allowed the story to unfurl beautifully. 

Overall the episode is great as it is needed to set up the ending. Having the task of getting the final conflict set up and executed, the episode nails the mark. The strong build up to the cliffhanger is a nice touch to keep the viewers coming back. One question I have for the next episode is will we see any new JSA members join in the final battle?

Score: 9.0

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